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Annual consumption of rice grits per capita in various countries amounts to: 120 kg in China, 104 kg in Japan, 98 kg in Pakistan, 66 kg in India, 40 kg in Cuba, 6.3 kg in Italy, 2.5 kg in USA and 1.1 kg in England. The same indicator in the former USSR reached almost 6 kg of rice grits per capita.


Grain threshing floor with rice-processing factory

     The Grain threshing floor occupies area of 4,2 ha. There are 4 grain cleaning complexes with efficiency from 5 to 20 t/hour. As well there are 9 granaries and warehouses for storing up wheat and rice grain with capacity of 10000 t. The main consisting part of the grain threshing floor is a rice-processing factory. On its territory there is a cereals unit.

     The output capacity of the workshop is 9 tons of ready-made products per shift. Wheat and maize grits, pot barley and buckwheat are produced in the same way. Up to 7 000 tons of rice, 1000 tons of barley and 1000 tons of wheat are regularly processed here. Besides rice and wheat the grain farm processes soybeans, alfalfa, maize, rape, millet and rye.

     The grain processing farm is being enlarged and constantly equipped with new machinery and warehouse premises. The grain processing workshop operates constantly.

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