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The name of rice goddess varies from nation to nation. In Java they call her Davy Sri and conduct religious performances in her honor after the rice is harvested. In Bali they call her Ibu-Padi the mother of rice. During the nationwide holiday galungan in her honor local residents they do sacrifices to her. And the tribe Karo living in Sumatra calls her Sidayan which in translation means girl


Production department

     The material and technical assets are being permanently renovated. Recently the Farm purchased 7 new paddy combines Kuban-7 and 9 tractors of various types.

     The company possesses 46 tractors, 10 sprinkling machines, 17 grain harvesters, 11 reapers, 3 fodder choppers, 13 seed planters, 11 plows, 7 land levelers, 4 disk harrows and 13 tillers.

     Specialists of the productive section make every effort to provide timely all complex of necessary field works with technical equipment.


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