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Initially rice was called Sorochinskoe millet in Russia


Livestock breeding
Dairy farm and hog farm

     The livestock breeding is intensively developed at the Pilot Farm of the Institute.

     Milk market farm is a closed type enterprise. The Farm has 600 cattle of red stepper breed (in ratio of sex age-specific group: 2 stud-bulls, 100 cows, 73 hiefers, 284 different aged calves, 141 bulls). The red stepper breed is a breed of milk type. The main goal of this type is milk production. There are two sections on the territory of the farm productive and household. The animals are in wide-row premises on chain binding during milking, at proper period of the season they are in pens. Milch herd includes 100 cows, annual milk output amounts to 4000 liter of milk per a cow; liveweight gain is 400-500 g per a day.

     Hog breeding is located at the hog-breeding farm. The herd has live-weight gain is 350-400 grams/day. The breed is of meat type, Askanian. The hog breeding at the Pilot Farm became profitable in recent years. In average, the Farm annually sells up to 1000 pigs are being sold. The Farms annual earning derived from pig sales is more than a million grivnas.

     The animals are fed with qualitative fodder which is previously tested for quality in veterinary and agrarian chemical laboratories.

     The planned preventive veterinary measures and animal epidemic countermeasures are being annually conducted here.


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