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In Japanese America literary means rice country.


State enterprise Rice experimental farm (Pilot Farm) is a part of the UAAS Rice Research Institute structure. It includes:

  1. production sections, a garage
  2. a grain threshing floor (Grain farm) with rice-processing factory
  3. a cattle-breeding complex.

The tasks and goals of the Pilot Farm are:

  • acquisition of material and technical assets and conditions for scientific research activities conduction
  • production of original, best specimens and reproductive seeds and provision of the Ukrainian rice farms with these seeds
  • production inspection of new rice varieties, results of scientific researches conducted by the Institute and their application

     The Pilot Farm operates on self-supporting basis. The number of employees is 250 people. The area of arable land is 2 782.2 hectares, including 2 625.5 hectares of irrigated land (including 2 094.9 hectares of rice bays).


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