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The name of rice goddess varies from nation to nation. In Java they call her Davy Sri and conduct religious performances in her honor after the rice is harvested. In Bali they call her Ibu-Padi the mother of rice. During the nationwide holiday galungan in her honor local residents they do sacrifices to her. And the tribe Karo living in Sumatra calls her Sidayan which in translation means girl


State enterprise Rice experimental farm (Pilot Farm) is a part of the UAAS Rice Research Institute structure. It includes:

  1. production sections, a garage
  2. a grain threshing floor (Grain farm) with rice-processing factory
  3. a cattle-breeding complex.

The tasks and goals of the Pilot Farm are:

  • acquisition of material and technical assets and conditions for scientific research activities conduction
  • production of original, best specimens and reproductive seeds and provision of the Ukrainian rice farms with these seeds
  • production inspection of new rice varieties, results of scientific researches conducted by the Institute and their application

     The Pilot Farm operates on self-supporting basis. The number of employees is 250 people. The area of arable land is 2 782.2 hectares, including 2 625.5 hectares of irrigated land (including 2 094.9 hectares of rice bays).


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